Did you miss these August Breezy Updates?

New admin tools, more control, and easier interviews (for you, at least) …

Days starting to feel like they’re getting away from you? We’re here to steer you back in the right direction.

This month’s updates are all about control– specifically, giving you more of it.

🚢 Ready to take the helm?

🤓 Know-it-all: Background checks now available!

Background checks are quickly becoming an essential part of hiring safe, trustworthy, and empowered organizational teams.

With just a couple clicks, you can now initiate a slew different background check types, right inside Breezy.

breezy background checks

Everything you need to know about setting up and running background checks in Breezy is right here waiting for you.

✒️ On-Demand Invoices (per your request!)

If you’re a Company Admin, you can now review, download, and print your monthly invoices from Billing section in the top right menu. Anytime you like.

breezy invoices

✋ Control candidate chaos by pausing applications

You needed a simple way to keep the line of communication open with existing candidates, but prevent new candidates from applying.

We built one.

When you’re editing a position, you’ll see a new Accept Candidate Applications option in the Application tab. From there, you can immediately stop new candidates from applying to your Breezy openings.

breezy candidate applications

✅ Position approvals every admin approves of

We’ve given you more control over who can activate inside of Breezy.

Now you can choose from 3 three different approval workflow types, giving you as much or as little control over the approval process as you need.

breezy position approvals

Learn more about how to use these new options in our Approvals resource.

💼 You’re the boss: New Team Management options

For starters, now you can see and manage every teammates’ role on every position and pool from one simple screen.

And now when you invite someone into Breezy, you can include which roles, positions, and pools we should add them to when they accept.

If you change your mind about a teammate? 😖 Now you can cancel their invitation from the same area. Check out our Hiring Team Resources to learn more.

🛤 Inclusive Interview invites keep everyone on track

Now when you schedule a candidate interview, Breezy’s invitation will include a link to the new Interview Overview page, where you can view the Candidate, any attached Interview Guide, and even complete your Scorecard.

breezy interview invites

And speaking of Interviews, Video Interviews are now more fantabulous than ever — we’ve added Interview Guide and Scorecard tabs to keep you organized while you run the show.

👉 More ways to call the shots this month:

  • We’ll call this update The Click Saver …Now, you can tag a whole mass of candidates at once.
  • You can also now send a whole mass of candidates a questionnaire at once.
  • You can now specify the language you’d like your Career Portal to appear in. Select it from the Messaging section in your Career Portal settings.
  • Listing more than 10 positions on your Career Portal? We’ve added a new, dense option for the positions list that’s just perfect for you. You can find that in your Career Portal settings, too.
  • Oh, and file this one under 🚀 Not Rocket Science: You can now schedule a meeting directly from your Candidate Calendar view.

👋 Wait, don’t leave yet!

We’ve been nominated to receive a Recruiting Service Innovation Award, and would 💙 it if you could take 30 seconds to vote for Breezy to win.

You’ll find us listed under Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution, Most Innovative Mobile Solution, and Most Innovative SMB Solution. Thanks!

Have you tried Breezy to modernize your recruiting yet? We’d love to set you up with a free trial, a demo, a metaphorical basket of fruit, if you will! Sign up here, and thank us later 😉

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