Gearing up for #HRTechConf 2017

Anybody missing some glitter?

Has it only been a year since the last one?

Listen, we’re looking forward to the nonstop displays of creativity and cash flow on the expo floor as much as the next team – will someone bring their interpretive dancers💃? Their raging pyrotechnics💥? How about a few celebrity lookalikes 👱?

And if you see me wandering aimlessly, will someone point me directly to the huge cash giveaways💰?!

But while you’re all walking the floor, letting billion dollar companies entertain you with their entire annual marketing budget, how about stopping by Breezy HR at booth 3942?

Razzle and dazzle will be provided by Nate, our Director of Customer Success, in his cowboy hat; and Samiur, our Biz Dev whiz in (I do believe), sparkly rainbow shoes.

There are rumors of additional rainbow shoes on our Founder and CEO, Darren Bounds, but those remain unconfirmed.

Antics aside, what I can confirm is that we do have what will no doubt be your favorite end-to-end recruiting product to show off. 😉

Oh, and here’s a map of where to find us:

hrtech conference

Wanna check us out beforehand? Awesome! Right this way, please.

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