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November 2, 2016

Software Advice adds Breezy to Applicant Tracking FrontRunners 2016

breezy is named a gartner frontrunner

The September 2016 ATS FrontRunners Quadrant, driven by Gartner methodology and its trio of software review sites, got itself a Breath of Fresh HR — Breezy earned its way into the Contenders section of applicant tracking system superstars!

Entering the Fray of Applicant Tracking Systems

For the uninitiated, the applicant tracking system space is monstrous. Last time we checked, recruiting and candidate tracking software options hovered around 250. These options seem to cover every conceivable need, from niche business recruiting to vast enterprise talent search and tracking, so it’s near impossible for the average HR or team manager to pick their company platform in an afternoon.

Melissa McCormack, Research Manager at Software Advice, put it this way:

“Small businesses searching for ATS software find themselves facing hundreds of choices. The FrontRunners quadrant for Applicant Tracking highlights the top-performing products with respect to value and capability for small businesses.”

Methodology and Considerations for ATS

Winnowing that ATS field a little further, the methodology for the report takes confirmed user reviews from Software Advice, GetApp, and Capterra into consideration. From Melissa,

“FrontRunners relies heavily on user review ratings of products because we know buyers place a lot of weight on user reviews. 75% of buyers consult online reviews before making a purchase decision — and those that consult reviews before purchasing report greater levels of satisfaction with their decision.”

Researchers like Melissa add consumer-rated factors — like value for the price, functionality, customer support and ease of use — to more global elements, like scores for popular integrations and key functions, to arrive at a final score.

That final score is plotted on FrontRunners Quadrant, and it’s divided into four sections: Masters, Leaders, Contenders and Pacesetters.

Breezy’s ease of use and value rank high among other Contenders

The FrontRunners Quadrant is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to narrow their search for the right applicant tracking system — so all of us here at Breezy HR were two party poppers worth of excited to rank in the top 25 out of hundreds!

What put us over the top? In our first year on the quadrant, Melissa tells us:

“Breezy HR’s highest user ratings are in the areas of value for money (with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5) and ease of use (with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5).”

Breezy also ranks #1 ATS in customer satisfaction on GetApp, and 4.5 out of 5 stars on Capterra, where awesome Breezy customers like Karen from Autel Robotics notes,

“I’ve been a workforce consultant for years, I’ve used several Applicant Tracking Systems and Breezy has been the easiest to use. Overall the product is great and the customer/client support is even better.”

Darren Bounds, founder and CEO at Breezy, says of the Gartner ranking,

“We’re so happy to earn a spot on the FrontRunner’s Quadrant in 2016! And looking at our roadmap, the updates and integrations that we have planned in Q4 and Q1 2017? Can’t wait to see where we land next year!”

Our thanks to the team at Software Advice and Melissa McCormack in particular for their consistent commitment to providing insightful and helpful ways to move businesses toward the software that’s right for them. In fact, all of us here at Breezy give them five stars across the board.