Why GDPR is not the Anti-Christ

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GDPR is here. And for modern recruiters, it’s not all bad.

Have you heard the joke? It goes something like this.

Two recruiters are in a bar.

The first recruiter says, “I’m so thrilled! I just found an awesome GDPR consultant!”.

The other recruiter’s eyes light up, “Can you give me their number?!”.

First recruiter replies, “No.

Ok, it’s a stupid joke. But honestly, the majority of recruiters are more than a little lost with all this GDPR stuff. (At this point there’s more hype around May 25th than there was around Y2K.)

But not all of us are freaking out.

At the risk of sounding like the teacher’s (or er, regulator’s) pet, we LOVE all things data security. Call us what you will, we just can’t help geeking out on the stuff.

But unlike the recruiter in the punchline, we’re happy to spread the GDPR love to help as many businesses as possible avoid that hefty €20 million fine. 😳

What is GDPR, really?

First, a quick recap.

Back in October 2015, the EU’s Court of Justice nixed the US-EU Safe Harbor agreement governing the way US companies handle personal info from, and on behalf of, European customers.

Instead of relying on a messy, fragmented data protection system (e.g., one set of rules for France, another for Germany, and on and on…), regulators wanted to start over and create a robust, cohesive system to protect personal data for citizens across the entire EU.

Thus, the General Data Protection Regulation was born.

GDPR is broad regulation that gives individuals within the EU more control over their personal data. And yes, any company that collects and holds data on an EU citizen must comply with the GDPR (or face said business-killing fine).

You can access the full version of GDPR in the Official Journal of the European Union. But you should know that, behind all the legalese, the real purpose of the law is to protect the personal data and privacy of users as their fundamental right. ✊🏽

Now that doesn’t sound so evil, does it?

Why recruiters should feel good about GDPR

These days, everybody shares everything online. The buck was bound to stop somewhere.

Before GDPR, recruiters and headhunters were free to collect, use and store a candidate’s personal data from any online source. You could hold it for as long as you wanted, or even share it with the recruiter next door.

But we can all agree that shady recruitment tactics are no longer relevant, or effective. In today’s on-demand talent economy, the quality of your candidate experience is everything. And if you do it right, GDPR can help you step up your game.

GDPR breaks down into five fundamental guiding principles that, quite frankly, all make sense. (You can learn more about those here.)

Due to GDPR’s emphasis on a candidate’s consent, right to access and erase personal info, as well as guidelines for employers on how a candidate’s data is stored and maintained — it essentially forces recruiters to make sure their intentions are 100% legit.

And that’s actually great for your employer brand.

Of course, we have yet to see exactly how GDPR will be enforced. But by staying compliant, you’ll automatically build a greater level of trust and transparency into your recruiting process, while keeping your hiring database fresh and relevant.

The end result could be a better experience (not to mention better hires!) for everyone.

Here’s how to put GDPR on autopilot

As you can can tell, we’re pro-GDPR.

But even the fairest regulations can come with some pretty intense unintended consequences which can make it a real headache to stay compliant.

Breezy’s GDPR Compliance Tool Kit automates every aspect of GDPR to make compliance as simple as a ticking a box. From automated candidate consent and privacy agreements, to bulk GDPR actions, alerts and reporting — we’re making it easy to see GDPR in a new light.

Not only that, we’ve made the GDPR Kit available to all our users at no additional cost. 😊

You can learn the ins and out of our awesome GDPR Kit right here. And of course, feel free to let us know if you have any questions at all! We’re all about spreading that GDPR knowledge.

Here’s to your GDPR success!

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