MarketForce Interview

How a 4-person Remote HR Team Hires for a 600-person Multi-National — Interview with Michelle Murray, Market Force

Market Force gave us an inside peek into how they use automation to unify their team, fill more positions faster and why recruitment always needs to be a two-way street.
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why you need to know the roi on your ats
HR Tech

Change is a Numbers Game: Why you need to know the ROI on your ATS

There are some industries where calculating your ROI on a business investment is pretty black and white. HR is NOT one of those industries.
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interview with Julie Zollo Elevation Church

How to Pinpoint Top-Quality Candidates from a Stack of 4,000 Applications — Interview with Julie Zollo, Elevation Church

Hiring managers shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for growth. But with thousands of applications rolling in, how do you find the needles in the haystack? Here's how one church staffing pro customized her hiring process around the core metric of quality.
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formal offer letter templates

Standard or Modern? These Formal Offer Letter Templates Will Make Your Candidates Say 'Yes!'

You work hard to score top-quality candidates. Why not celebrate the journey by sending a formal offer letter that doesn't put them to sleep? Here are four formal offer email and formal offer letter templates to help you out.
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lakeshore wealth candiate experience
Candidate Experience

Recruit to Retain: Why one financial planning firm says candidate experience must come first

We sat down with Jennifer Manske from Lakeshore Wealth Strategies to talk about bucking the trends and how automation humanizes the candidate experience.
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women in talent

Women in Talent: 6 Outspoken Experts on What Winning Looks Like

Female CEOs are on the rise and the hidden biases are finally coming out into the light. But for today's most powerful women in talent, the work is not yet done.
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