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remote recrutiment

Remote Recruitment: The A to Z Guide for Remote Hiring Success

Remote recruitment is the HR trend to watch. This thorough guide will show you exactly how it’s done, in 5 simple steps.

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termination letters
Company Culture

3 Examples of Termination Letters Done Right

Need to send a termination letter? While firing someone isn't always uncomfortable, you can still keep it human—even right down to the formal termination letter. These templates can help.

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hire millennial healthcare workers

How to Attract and Retain Millennial Healthcare Workers (+ Examples and Free Checklist)

Healthcare has been pegged as the next industrial revolution, but do you have the talent you need to hit the next level? Here’s how to attract and retain high-performing millennials for your healthcare business.

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building remote teams

Building Quality Remote Teams–An Interview Justine Shu, We Work Remotely

Building an intentional remote workforce can bring in the best talent from around the globe. Justine Shu, Marketing & Community Manager at remote job board We Work Remotely, shares her perspective on how the remote workforce will evolve with the benefits of hiring remote workers and tips on how to keep hiring moving while remote.

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HR analytics

What Are HR Analytics? 7 Simple Formulas to Unlock the Numbers Behind the Hires

Do you know your QoH from your ELTV? If not, it’s time to ramp up your HR analytics knowledge with this deep-dive into the numbers behind the hires. This ultimate guide to people analytics will help you run your HR reports with confidence and give your recruitment strategy the kudos it deserves.

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guide to best interview process

Your Best Interview Process: An All-In-One Interview Guide for Employers Who Give a Damn

In search of your best interview process? Make it easy with this step-by-step interview guide and wow your candidates at every stage of the process from pre-screening to offer.

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