Executive Secretary

Executive Secretaries are in charge of admin duties for senior management. Most admin assistants do basic tasks but Executive Secretaries have higher responsibilities like research, writing reports and preserving confidentiality.

Executive Secretary interview questions

Your high-quality candidate will be awesome at communication, typing, basic bookkeeping and organizing. They’ll also know their stuff around research techniques, reporting, vendor management and leadership (if  supervision is in their job description).

Top tips: 

  • Degrees aren’t always necessary but make sure to screen candidates according to their knowledge of specific terminology or relevant legal guidelines.
  • Hire candidates you can grow with by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Problem solving interview questions

  • How would you make travel arrangements for a trip to a new city?
  • How do you make sure your support staff perform their duties effectively?
  • How do you ensure confidentiality?
  • If a high level executive asked you about your boss’s plans regarding a specific matter, what would you say?

Role-specific interview questions

  • How fast can you type?
  • What’s your experience with “back-office” tech?
  • What’s your experience with budgeting and expense reporting?
  • Why are you our dream candidate?

Behavioral interview questions

  • Have you ever made a mistake while handling files? What happened?
  • In the past, how have you balanced multiple projects with tight deadlines? How did you prioritize?
  • Describe a complex team project you’ve worked on. How did you work as a team to ace that goal?
  • Describe a time you’ve had to make a difficult decision solo.

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