Health Unit Coordinator

Ready to find your next top-notch Health Unit Coordinator? These sample interview questions will get the right candidates through the interview process.

Health Unit Coordinator qualifications to look for 

Health unit coordinators (HUCs) play a dual role in serving patients in the front off and supporting staff with clerical needs. 

Your top HUC will graduate from 6-month training programs with a certification. Some candidates may be in progress to become registered nurses. You may take this into consideration if you need someone to stick around for a long time. 

 📌Don’t forget: Check local legislation as licensure requirements vary per location and job description. 

Keep an eye out for candidates who are:

  • Positive 
  • Strong communicators
  • Good with people 
  • Efficient 
  • Detail-oriented
  • Compassionate
  • Good with stress management

Top tip: Hire candidates willing to grow by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Role-specific interview questions

  • What does excellent customer service mean for an HUC? How do you ensure you meet these standards?
  • What are the most important qualities a HUC must possess? How do you feel you fit those qualities?
  • Why do you want to work at our facility? 
  • Why do you think a HUC is important for a healthcare facility? What major duties do they fulfill? 
  • What details are important when compiling medical records?
  • Have you used a CDSS (clinical decision support system) before? If so, explain what it is and how it works.
  • Are you a proficient typist? 

Behavioral interview questions

  • Give an example of a time you felt a sense of fulfillment as part of your job. What happened and how did it help you grow? 
  • How did you manage a hectic office without losing your patience?
  • How did you handle conflict in the office?

Problem-solving interview questions

  • How do you juggle requests from a physician with a busy waiting room? 
  • How do you handle patients who want to schedule appointments when no visits are available? 

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