HR Consultant

HR Consultants are high-quality strategic planners. They create new systems to solve human capital problems and build an awesome workplace. They are independent or consultancy-based workers and often specialize in specific functions like recruitment or legal.

HR Consultant interview questions

Your next team player is a qualified (think: bachelor’s degree/Master’s/MBA) and highly experienced critical-thinker with deep theoretical knowledge and strategic know-how. They’ll also have incredible project management, communication and relationship building skills.

Top tips: 

  • Set an assignment: Show them a short case study about a client and ask how they would advise them. 
  • Grow together: Hire candidates you can grow with by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Problem solving interview questions

  • How would you deal with an internal disagreement if the deadline was getting close?
  • How would you cope with an unimpressed client? 
  • If a client was merging with another company, what would you advise them to keep an eye on? How would you help them shape company culture?
  • How would you prepare suggestions if a client asked you to propose some IT solutions for HR operations?
  • What would you do if a client asks for your advice in an area you’re not familiar with?

Role-specific interview questions

  • How do you keep up-to-date with changes in labor regulations?
  • What are the best metrics to use to evaluate a problem?
  • How do you prepare to start an investigation for a client?
  • How do you deal with low employee morale?

Behavioral interview questions

  • Describe a time when you had to solve a problem with a tight deadline.
  • Have you ever saved a client money with an innovative solution? What happened?
  • Have you ever made a mistake during a project? What did you learn?
  • Describe a time you’ve had to balance various projects v tight deadlines. How did you prioritize?
  • Have you ever faced an ethical dilemma on a client project? What happened?

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