Marketing Intern

Marketing Interns are enthusiastic future marketers. They can fit into any entry-level position in any department, depending on your needs. Use these sample interview questions to find the best person for the job.

Marketing Intern interview questions

Your zero-regret new hire is super motivated, passionate about marketing and eager to learn. They should know their stuff when it comes to marketing techniques, and have a great understanding of social media, apps, SEO and marketing analytics metrics. 

Top tip: Hire candidates you can grow with by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Role-specific interview questions

  • How much do you know about our brand?
  • Who are our customers?
  • Marketing vs. sales: What’s the key difference?
  • What makes an awesome digital campaign?
  • What are the top digital marketing trends?
  • How does SEO influence content marketing?
  • How does social media support content marketing?
  • Describe your mobile marketing experience.
  • Which market analysis tech have you used?

Behavioral interview questions

  • Describe a time you had to work in a team.
  • How do you prioritize different projects with the same deadline?
  • Describe a time you aced a presentation.
  • Have you ever quit something? Why?

Problem solving interview questions

  • How has your background prepared you for this role?
  • Why does marketing appeal to you?
  • What are your plans after graduation?

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