Find your next quality Webmaster with these sample interview questions. Add any questions that test specific software development skills useful to your team. Similar job titles include Web Administrator.

Webmaster qualifications to look for

Webmasters are the eyes that watch over your websites to make sure they’re operating properly. They work to improve website speed and functionality while minimizing downtime and fixing bugs.

Your top candidates will hold a Web Design/Computer Science degree or certificate in a related field. They should have ample experience with HTML/CSS, XML or Javascript, and whiz through a test assignment you administer during the hiring process. 

Keep an eye out for candidates who are:

  • Enthusiastic in learning more about web development
  • Attentive to small details 
  • Eager to share creative ideas
  • Excellent Problem-solver abilities 
  • Proactive at identifying and addressing technical issues

Top tip: Hire candidates willing to grow by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Problem-solving interview questions

  • How do you handle unusual numbers in Web Analytics? (e.g. significant drops in traffic or conversion rates)
  • What do you suggest to make our interface more user-friendly?
  • How do you handle site security? What guidelines would you give to users to minimize their security risks?
  • If the website is loading slowly, what would you check first? 
  • How do you inform the engineering team about a bug on our contact page that you can’t resolve on your own?

Role-specific interview questions

  • What web management tools are you familiar with? If you could add any features, what would they be? 
  • How do you install and configure a web server?
  • What considerations do you take when managing web access rights for different users?
  • What important data do you gather from Google PageSpeed Insights? What is this information used for?
  • How does keyword research improve a page’s rankings? What kinds of tools do you use? (e.g. Keyword Planner and Moz)
  • What is your role when a company redesigned a webpage?
  • How do you fix broken links?

Behavioral interview questions

  • How has your attention to detail helped you quickly identify a website flaw? Give an example. 
  • What’s your biggest accomplishment in your profession? What did you learn from it? 
  • What is one website that stands out to you with an incredible design? What are some of its best features? 
  • What topics interest you in web development and/or design? Are you currently learning anything new to help your profession?

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