Did you see these June Breezy Updates?

Job Description templates, a new Positions view, and Slacking like you mean it …

Here’s how to get more time at the beach.

Summer’s no fun without a little vacation time, so we doubled down on the kind of updates that get you out of the office and into the summer sunshine a little faster (and a whole lot smarter) this month.

See which ones you’ll take a shine to …

Here’s A Better way to Manage your Positions

We’ve just rolled out a new Positions view to help you save time managing positions — whether you have 2 or 200.

Based on our learnings from how you already manage candidates in Breezy, we’ve added the ability to search, filter, segment and even tag positions!

breezy positions view

We hope you like it, it gave us a whole new perspective on things 🕶

Click the Positions link in the top navigation to check it out!

Here’s Your Job Descriptions … on Demand

Hiring for a role you don’t know much about? Need to jumpstart your job description? We’ve got you covered.

Now, you can pre-fill a description from our searchable job description library. Say hello to pronto position posting:

breezy job description library

Now, where is that sunscreen …

Here’s How to Slack Like You Mean It

Now you can control what we deliver into Slack from your Integration settings. We’ve also added a Candidate Feedback notification, so your team can review & score candidates *directly* from Slack!

Want an action shot? Here you go:

breezy slack integrations

We know you were already Slacking anyway 😉

Here’s How to Schedule Candidate Messages

You can now set a custom send date for candidate messages … or use the handy presets.

breezy schedule candidate messages

Here’s Stage Actions, Right Where You Want ‘Em

Hiring Managers can now customize Stage Actions at the Position level, while choosing the Pipeline associated with a position We’ve also added a Stage Action to automatically assign a Hiring Manager when a candidate enters a particular stage.

breezy stage actions

☀️ Here’s more rays to brighten your days …

  • Exporting candidates? We’ve updated the export to include *all* visible fields on *all* candidates … yes, even tags! 💥
  • 📱Breezy for iPhone app supports @-mentions now …
  • 📱And so does Android!
  • From here on out, Questionnaires completed by candidates on their application forms will show up on the questionnaires tab of their profile. We’ll also include them in questionnaire report exports. Note! This doesn’t apply to existing application Questionnaires.

Hope these updates give you a few more days in the sun this month! Alright, now where did we put those sunglasses … 😎

These updates are just the tip of the iceberg — see all the ways that Breezy HR can help you modernize your recruiting process.

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