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Assistant Director

Assistant Directors support operations to ensure companies are productive and employees are satisfied.

Your next team player will be an experienced, professional critical-thinker who’s awesome at keeping calm in a crisis.

Top tip: Diversity is key for a thriving workplace. Keep an eye out for management and exec-level candidates from varying backgrounds and aim to eliminate bias from your hiring process.

Problem solving interview questions

  • What would you prioritize for objectives in your first year at work?
  • How would you approach an underperforming employee?
  • How would you cope if you had to step into your Director’s shoes and organize a company/department event?
  • How would you handle a high employee churn rate?
  • How would you monitor employee attendance?
  • How would you multitask in the face of last-minute client calls when you have tight deadlines?

Role-specific interview questions

  • Describe a day in the life of an Assistant Director. 
  • What info and tools do you need to prepare and review a department’s annual budget? 
  • What are the top policies for a company? Why?
  • What kinds of reports do you prepare on a regular basis?
  • What’s your hiring experience?

Behavioral interview questions

  • Describe a time when you solved a workplace safety issue.
  • Have you ever had a conflict with your manager? What happened?
  • Describe a time you reviewed a process for max efficiency.
  • How do you balance stress v workload? 
  • Have you ever faced any complaints about your delegation skills? What happened?

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