Editors are content strategy pros. They manage content teams to create high-quality, engaging content. Use these interview questions to find the best person for the job.

Your zero-regret new hire will be super creative with an inspired portfolio of work to back them up. Their work goals and achievements will align with your own and they’ll be confident talking about specific tasks like editorial calendar production and task delegation.

Top tip: 

  • Decide what you need: Before the interview, decide what you’re looking for. Do you need an experienced editor or do you want to train up a high-potential newbie? You might want to find someone with a specialized background or a strong digital portfolio.
  • Grow together: Hire candidates you can grow with by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Editor interview questions

  • What books/publications/content inspires you?
  • How has your work experience prepared you for this role?
  • How do you stay motivated with repetitive tasks like proofreading, fact-checking or source-checking?
  • What are the top social media platforms for increasing content reach?
  • What are your top SEO tips?
  • What publishing platforms have you used before?
  • How do you hire top talent?
  • Which are your fave style guides?
  • What’s your experience creating style guides?
  • What advice would you give writers trying to pitch stories to your publication?
  • What topics would you cover in an Oct-Dec editorial calendar?
  • How would you give constructive feedback to a fellow writer?
  • How do you keep your team motivated?
  • How would you handle a public error or PR crisis? 
  • What does an excellent brand voice mean to you?
  • What’s the best and worst things about our publication?
  • What’s been your portfolio highlight so far?
  • How did you conceptualize and edit [this work sample]?
  • Describe the most challenging team project you’ve ever worked on.
  • Which tasks did you delegate to who? Why?
  • How do you measure success?

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Start optimizing your recruiting process today.

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