Teachers are awesome. They manage busy classrooms, support and educate children and juggle a huge amount of admin too.

Teacher interview questions

Standout candidates will be super passionate, organized, motivated and experienced. They’ll have awesome interpersonal skills, will have the confidence to discipline students and great communication skills to connect with parents. Plus, they’ll have a keen interest in your school and will bring lesson plans to show exactly how their teaching strategies are tied to US state, local and national standards.

Top tips: 

  • Tailor your interview questions: Think about the needs of each classroom and ask questions to help figure out your candidates role-relevant experience (think: grade level and subject matter). 
  • Grow together: Hire candidates you can grow with by making sure their personal career goals align with your company's mission.

Problem solving interview questions

  • When did you decide you wanted to be a teacher, and why?
  • Why do you want to teach this grade level?
  • What do you love most about teaching?
  • What subject do you hate to teach? How do you overcome your lack of interest so you can teach this subject well?
  • What clubs or orgz did you belong to as a student?
  • Would you like to coach any extracurricular activities? Which ones and why?
  • Walk us through an awesome lesson plan you put together.
  • How are your lesson plans tied to state standards?
  • How do you get students test-ready?
  • What methods do you use to teach [the subject] to [the grade level]?
  • What’s your IEP experience? How do you meet the needs of a student with an IEP?
  • How do you get children engaged?
  • Describe a time you had to discipline a student. How did you handle it?
  • Have you ever had to calm down an angry parent? What happened?
  • What’s your favorite way to communicate with parents? 
  • How do you help build a positive and safe learning environment?
  • Have you ever disagreed with a school leadership decision? What did you do?
  • How did you find your visit to our school? What drew you to applying for this role?

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