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About the Associate Brand Manager position

We are looking for an Associate Brand Manager to participate in designing and implementing effective marketing strategies. These strategies will be used to build our brand٫ as well as to facilitate an increase in customer engagement.

The Associate Brand Manager collaborates with a multiplicity of internal teams to conduct market and competitive analyses. They also design promotional campaigns and develop profitable positioning and pricing for our brand. You should hold a degree in Marketing or a similar field. You should have a deep understanding of multiple distribution channels and advertising activities. Previous experience in the analysis of consumer behavior and/or organizing promotional events is desireable.

You will help us make our brand easily recognizable٫ so that customers can identify and select our company’s products and services.

Associate Brand Manager responsibilities are:

  • Conduct research to identify market trends and target customers’ preferences
  • Increase brand awareness through marketing plans
  • Ensure strong brand presence in marketing channels offline and online.
  • Review packaging and positioning of products and suggest creative improvements as needed
  • Research competition٫ using findings as opportunities for brand growth
  • Design advertising campaigns for new products/services
  • Report results of advertising campaigns to Brand Manager
  • Coordinate with the Product Marketing Manager to ensure consistency in strategy for product line.
  • Assist in the development of effective media campaigns and choice of appropriate channels for distribution
  • Update the pricing of products to align with the company’s long-term objectives
  • Collaboratively organize promotional events to present company positively.

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