lakeshore wealth candiate experience
Candidate Experience

Recruit to Retain: Why one financial planning firm says candidate experience must come first

We sat down with Jennifer Manske from Lakeshore Wealth Strategies to talk about bucking the trends and how automation humanizes the candidate experience.
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women in talent

Women in Talent: 6 Outspoken Experts on What Winning Looks Like

Female CEOs are on the rise and the hidden biases are finally coming out into the light. But for today's most powerful women in talent, the work is not yet done.
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problem solving interview questions

The Problem-Solving Interview: 15 Cliché-Busting Questions to Help You Find Your Next Rockstar

Want to know if a potential recruit will crack under pressure? You don’t need to get lost on a deserted island together to identify a solid social IQ. Asking problem-solving interview questions is a great way to test their workplace soft skills.
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candidate meet and greets

3 Simple Rules to Rock Your Candidate Meet and Greets

Informal interviews rock. 🤘 Meeting a candidate outside the confines of conference rooms and workplace etiquette is the perfect way to break free of the interview mindset and see if you’re truly compatible.
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interview questions for management positions

21 Awesome Interview Questions for Management Positions

Managers matter. If you're ready to hire the right leaders for your company, check out this complete guide to interviewing for management positions, complete with sample questions and pro tips for avoiding bad hires.
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sms recruiting dos and don'ts

To Text or Not to Text: The Dos and Don'ts of SMS Recruiting Straight from the Pros

SMS and text messaging is the hot new thing in recruitment and HR, and with some powerful numbers to back it up, we don't expect it to go away any time soon. But as with any new trend, we do expect there to be a major learning curve before recruiters are able to nail it.
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