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This month, Breezy’s helping you to better analyze your recruiting process, optimizing your sourcing via our Chrome Extension, and giving you the step-by-step lowdown on your best interviewing process yet.

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📊 Analytics: Time in Stage is Here!

We freshened up your reporting — now, you’ve got new Time in Stage analytics. Use it to see where you might be able to loosen some bottlenecks in your process.

breezy time in stage

Access the new report right from your reporting tab in your Breezy header 📈

While you’re there, check out the new last seven days preset and the sweetest new color scheme you ever did see. 🍭

⚡️ Chrome Extension: New & Improved for LinkedIn

Breezy’s Sourcing Chrome Extension has always been the simplest way to import candidates straight from sites like AngelList, Dribbble, GitHub and Xing.

Now, we’ve added better LinkedIn handling, so nothing will slow your sourcing down.

breezy chrome extension

Not using the extension yet? Get it here.

Post: Sourcing in the Moment

Speaking of sourcing, how many missed opportunities to pounce on passive talent have slipped past your team because you couldn’t seize the moment?

This post will help you to arm your best employee advocates with the tools to take sourcing & referral action on the spot.

sourcing in the moment

Up Your Sourcing Game

Post: All-in-One Guide to Interviewing Processes

From screening resumes to sending an offer letter, here’s a comprehensive post that covers everything you need to know to structure and streamline your interview process:

interview process

Read it here: Run a Better Interviewing Process🙏

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all who voted for us to receive a Recruiting Service Innovation Award — we’re officially finalists for Most Innovative Cloud Based Solution and Most Innovative Mobile Solution!

We couldn’t do it without the best customers on the planet (that’d be you!).

- The Breezy Team 🍃

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