Did you miss these July Breezy Updates?

Tasty new options for Scorecards, your Chrome Extension, and more …

Take a bite out of your summer hiring hassles with this succulent selection of updates — from an upgraded Sourcing Chrome Extension to a home for External Recruiters.

Which one will you find most appealing 🍌?

🍎 Apple of our eye: Faster Scorecard feedback

Our new Request Scorecards feature reminds your busy hiring team members to fill out their scorecard feedback on a candidate. You’ll find it in the Scorecards tab on your candidate profile, like so:

breezy scorecards

Rather automate that request? Awesome! Now you can add Request Scorecards as a Stage Action at any point in the pipeline.

While we were at it, we freshened up the Scorecard options with a new neutral rating — because sometimes … 😑

🍒 Pick the best: New Job Boards, Sourcing Options

More options to source the superstars with our Breezy Chrome Extension!

Now you’ve got a Breezy Import button on your Applicants and Candidates lists in AngelList, so you can bulk import them to Breezy:

breezy chrome extension

We’ve also added Chrome Extension support for Indeed Resume, because every pipeline craves variety.

😱 Still need more? Oh, ok ok — we’ve added Google for Jobs and MyJobHelper to your free job board postings, too.

google for jobs

🍓Nice to see you: New Team Calendar options

We’ve added a new iCalendar feed to your User Settings! Now you can sync your Breezy team calendar with an arbitrary third party calendar, like Mac Calendar, Google Calendar and more.

breezy calendar integration

🍍Welcome home, External Recruiters!

We’ve made External life 100% easier. Now, external recruiters have their own Portal where they can review all of their openings, including job descriptions, and submit great candidates. And you don’t have to lift a finger to let them take advantage of the new portal — they’ll see a My Openings link to the Portal in the top right of their existing positions.

breezy recruiter portal

🍋 3 Reasons Your Millennial Recruiting Strategy Won’t Work with New GradZ

It would be so easy to assume that Gen Z is all Snapchat filters and remote working perks. But you didn’t take this job because it was easy … and neither will they. Even though Gen Z share strong similarities with Gen Y (like aspiring to make a difference and having strong entrepreneurial tendencies) Gen Z has a different priority list.

How to prep your recruiting strategy for Gen Z

Hope you enjoy all the fruits of our labor this month! Speaking of which, we didn’t get a chance to use the kiwi, so … here’s a kiwi! 🥝

Have you tried Breezy to modernize your recruiting yet? We’d love to set you up with a free trial, a demo, a metaphorical basket of fruit, if you will! Sign up here, and thank us later 😉

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