Three Tips for Nailing Your Employment Branding

Employment Branding is the process of defining an organization’s identity and reputation in the hopes of attracting the best possible talent. In today’s job market, highly-skilled candidates have a large variety of options and pay attention to companies whose branding resonates with them. Sites from Glassdoor to The Muse to location-specific sites like Built in Chicago all feature in-depth company profiles, giving potential hires a peek behind the curtain before they even decide to interview.

It’s also common for employers to showcase their employment brand on the hiring page of their website. It’s the perfect way to make a great first impression on candidates who are considering applying. Sometimes these pages are built in-house, while other times companies use a third-party partner, like Breezy, to create a quick, easy profile.

But how do you make your employment branding stick out?

Be Honest

While it would be easy to write what you think candidates want to hear, those who keep their employer branding pages honest find the best matches for their particular organization. People want different things out of a work environment, and you want to attract the ones who would best fit yours. Not everyone is looking for an open concept office with a ping pong table and keg.

employment branding

Does your team have a lot of structure and management in place or are you a group of self-starters who must continually assess and individually decide the best use of your time? Both environments are ideal — just for two different kinds of candidates. Being honest will help you find and attract the best candidates, making your interview process smoother and your hires stronger. Luring people in with false promises will only make for a high turnover rate, which isn’t good for moral or your bottom line.

Get Personal with your employment branding

It’s easy to throw up team pictures (and you should!), but it’s also beneficial to pull out some personal stories from team members. These insights give potential hires a direct look into the team’s perspective, making it less likely that they feel “marketed to.” Whether it’s a “day in the life” profile posted to your blog or a great testimonial that goes straight on your career page, showcasing your team’s perspective is always a strong choice for employment branding that can quickly help candidates relate to the company in a more personal way.

Walk the Walk

It’s one thing to say you have strong core values and another thing to act on them. Creating an atmosphere that people want to work in can be a daunting task, but it’s one worth undertaking. When your employees enjoy coming into work, they will be your greatest advocates. Their engagement will not only increase workplace productivity but will naturally lead to positive conversations when their friends are all complaining about their horrible jobs.

In today’s world, communication spreads faster than ever. Focus on cultivating a great office experience and your employees will become your employment advocates in no time. For information on building a great company culture, I recommend starting here.

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