What If Your ATS Was More Like Your Favorite App?

Overworked staff, clunky technology and stacks of job apps? Those days are so over! Here’s why HR tech needs to be way more fun to use.

The evolution of HR tech has been a dominant topic in the world of work, as cloud tools and SaaS have become more mainstream over the years. Then again, just how “mainstream” is today’s HR tech?

Making the workplace “more human” is an admirable goal, and it’s the breakthrough many of us have been waiting for (for like, a while).

So while it’s no great surprise HR tech is finally putting a greater focus on the end user (and we do mean ultimate end user, as in job applicants, candidates and employees), seeing real, tangible progress in this area feels like a huge breath of fresh air. (Or “fresh HR” as we like to call it. 😉)

Here’s a refresher on the age-old problem with HR and an idea of what it might be like if HR tech were a little more like your favorite consumer app.

The problem with HR tech

Compliance, reporting, hiring and training — the admin burden for HR leaders is HUGE.

And due to the long-established history of expensive enterprise software, most HR tools do more to contribute to the noise than alleviate it.

The vast majority of HR tools are clunky, complex, and difficult to navigate — prompting end users to bypass the red tape and develop their own ad hoc hiring system (with their own bias built right in). When we set out to create Breezy, we knew we wanted to do things differently.

After all, why have an applicant tracking system at all if everyone hates using it? 🤷

Hiring your next rockstar should be as simple and enjoyable as killing time on your favorite app. Because at the end of the day, whether you’re an HR guru, functional head, or job seeker — you’re human. And call us simple, but as humans all we really want is to have a little more fun, with a little less stress.

What does user-friendly really mean?

In the words of Steve Krug, user experience (UX) guru and author of every techy must-read Don’t Make Me Think, “usability is about people and how they understand and use things, not about technology.”

This means that in order for your people (even the “untouchables” at the top) to really get involved in the hiring process, your ATS had better be intuitive, easy-to-use, and integrated with the workplace tools you love most. (Bonus points if you can do some of the fancier fun stuff like use AI and bots to help parse and engage candidates.) 👍🏽

But let’s not forget, your ATS must provide an awesome candidate experience, too. Think about it. If your ATS could make it as easy to communicate with candidates as it is to video or text chat with a friend over Messenger, why wouldn’t your candidates love you?

And let’s be real. At this point, end-to-end mobile capabilities are an absolute must. If your applicants can’t check in with you while they’re on the go (and vise versa), they’re going to stop trying (and applying) altogether.

Neil Morrison, Director of Strategy, Culture and Innovation at Penguin Random House UK nailed it when he said, “Too many enterprise systems focus on supposed efficiency for the HR team, but with little thought to the end user.”

What we need is less “enterprise”, less “systems” and more love for the people on the receiving end of all this tech stuff.

We’ve got big plans

Technology is powerful stuff.

It continues to transform our personal lives in some seriously major ways, and it can do the same for our workplaces, too. But your people — yes, even the ones you haven’t hired yet — need to love it (and use it!) in order for everyone to get the max amount of value out of it.

At Breezy, we’re changing the way companies screen, interview and hire their best people without ever cutting corners on either side of the equation. And we’ve got some pretty cool stuff up our sleeve.

Stay tuned in to find out all about how we’re making Breezy even easier for you and your candidates to fall in 💘 with.

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