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About the Game Developer position

We are looking for a skilled Game Developer who will help us translate game ideas into code on a fast moving environment. You will be involved in various aspects of games creation from concept to finished product including coding٫ programming٫ audio٫ design٫ production and visual arts.

You should be able to write clean code and ensure your applications run properly. We also expect you to be passionate about creating games and perform well working in a team٫ along with developers٫ QA engineers and web designers.


Game Developer responsibilities are:

  • Write well-structured٫ clean and efficient code in accordance with requirements
  • Build or optimize the base or the engine on which the game will run
  • Prepare prototypes of gameplay ideas and features
  • Create schedules and determine milestones
  • Create game scripts٫ storyboards and animated characters and objects
  • Participate in the design and audio features of the game
  • Build unit tests and validation procedures to assure quality
  • Document technical specifications
  • Review and optimize the game٫ maintain code٫ fix bugs and troubleshoot problems


Game Developer requirements are:

  • 2+ years' experience of working on a Develop position in full lifecycle game development
  • Significant experience with C++ or other programming languages (Java٫ C٫ etc)
  • Good experience with one or more programming specialties٫ such as artificial intelligence٫ 3D Rendering٫ 3D animation٫ physics٫ multiplayer/networking٫ or audio
  • Excellent knowledge of APIs and libraries
  • Familiarity with the latest gaming trends٫ techniques٫ best practices and technologies
  • Strong problem solving skills with a creative approach
  • BS degree in Computer Science or Games Technology

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