Did you catch these May Breezy updates?

New eSignatures, Candidate Search, and a view from the top…

Sometimes, it’s the little updates that make the biggest impact on your productivity. We like to make sure you know about all of them (well, and the big ones, too. Ok fine, we like to have cake and we like to eat it … who doesn’t?). 🍰

Here’s an overview of our recent updates. Dig in!

eSignatures Are Here!

You need candidates to sign and submit all kinds of different documents, from offer letters to W4s. Now, you can create reusable eSig documents once, and use them forever.

These new Document Signing features mean you’ll take care of a lot more signatures, in a lot less time — sending them just as easily as you would any other candidate email.

Here’s a quick overview on how it works: If you’re a Company Admin, you’ll find a new section in your Email Template settings called eSignature Templates.

breezy esignatures

These eSignature Templates let you upload documents and then customize how and what you need your candidate to complete.

Once you’ve generated an eSignature Template, you’ll use it the same way you use traditional Email Templates — just select one from the dropdown when you’re composing your email:

That’s all there is to it! See our blog post about new eSignatures to learn more about eSignature templates inside Breezy, or get started by heading to the Email Templates section of your Settings.

Signed, sealed, delivered, we’re yours! 💌

Find Your Candidates, Faster & Easier

We’ve updated our candidates search with more filtering options and improved reliability.

Not only have we added a bunch of new filtering options, we’ve made them easier to use and more reliable.

breezy candidate search

One of these is sure to make your day …

  • We’ve enhanced the questionnaire reports: Now hiring managers can export the candidate responses to questionnaires
  • ➡️ Speaking of questionnaires, now you can use a completed questionnaire to move a candidate to a new stage
  • ➡️ And speaking of stage actions, you can now specify the sender name used with stage actions
  • ➡️ And speaking of specification, you can now specify a subject within email templates
  • Apropos none of the above, your Chrome Extension got an update! Better name-based detection makes it pretty much impossible to import duplicate candidates. 👯

(Don’t have your sourcing extension yet? Get it here — free)

And let’s all remember that your feedback makes all of the updates possible. So let us know what you think with an in-app chat or drop us a note anytime.

These updates are just the tip of the iceberg – see all the ways that Breezy HR can help you modernize your recruiting process.

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