Your Mobile Recruiting Just Got A Mobile Rebooting

Introducing Breezy for iPhone, iPad and Android … Version 2.0!

Here’s the goal of Breezy 2.0: Recruiters and hiring teams can go about their business while they go about their business.

You’ve got plenty of balls in the air: Conversations with high-quality job candidates that really can’t wait; final feedback from the highest of the stakeholders that change your game plan mid-play.

We know the struggle to update multiple pipelines with new information or clean out a packed inbox after a half-hour lunch* is real, and a real time suck.

With the new Breezy for iOS and Android, we don’t limit you to mimicking work you’d rather do on a desktop.

You’re enjoying the best of the Breezy desktop app when you happen to be elsewhere.

Drag and Drop Pipeline Management at Your Fingertips!

Breezy’s elegant drag and drop pipeline management makes its debut on iPhone, iPad and Android, anchoring an altogether user-friendly experience with the pipeline you know and love.

breezy app

We’re giving that magic pipeline the full support of Breezy’s:

  • Real-Time @-mentions, so you’re never out of the loop.
  • Message templates, so you don’t need to take typo-chances on mobile.
  • Questionnaires, because if you don’t get those out? No one will.
  • Search, so you can always reference the information you need — from conversations, messages or profiles.

Padding your Mobile Recruiting Bottom Line …

Breezy for iPhone, iPad and Android Version 2.0 didn’t stop on the small screen. Our new iPad and tablet apps let you take full advantage of all your screen real estate:

breezy ipad app

Breezy’s iOS 2.0 also supports our newest desktop feature, Candidate Inbox — a hiring manager’s dream for consolidating all of your candidate communications.

Track your message opens, enable lightning-fast candidate responses, and never worry about taming a mass of jumbled email threads again– Breezy for iOS & Android 2.0 is the fluid and flexible mobile recruiting solution to Out-of-Office ordeals.

Breezy 2.0 is mobile recruiting software for the way you do your job IRL.

Go ahead — fire off a response to a high-interest applicant at a stoplight.

Update your pipeline on your way to the elevator.

Catch up with interviewing team feedback on a candidate while you wait for your lunch order.

We’ve reorganized Breezy for iOS and Android to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your time in the app, wherever you are.

Get Breezy for iOS 2.0 today — available in the App Store now!

*Ha! Did we say a half-hour? We meant 15 minutes. Get back to work, you layabout!

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